Monday, December 7, 2020

My wife Chris has often said that the most important decision of your life is the person you marry. I whole heartily agree! For the past 35 years Chris has been my rock. For all the ups and downs life brings, Chris has always stood by my side, always encouraging me, always offering a different perspective, always listening with a keen ear, and always my biggest fan. 

The main reason I have been able to grow and succeed, both personally and professionally is due to Chris being in my life. She is the one who has handled all the details of our marriage. She pays the bills, she handles the health insurance claims, she's made our housing decisions, she taught our two daughters how to have fun, she plans our vacations. Chris is a fantastic mother, caring community volunteer, matriarch of the Fowler family, fierce competitor on the pickle ball court, and most importantly my best friend! She is the glue that holds our family together! 

As Chris and I enter the next phase of our life I am excited to be able to spend more time with her (Chris is a little nervous about the transition). Each day forward her bright smile, joyous heart, fun loving attitude and zest for life will continue to be a blessing in my life! 

And even though she will no longer be the First Lady of the Williams Company, she will forever be my Queen! I love you! 

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