Monday, December 14, 2020

This is my last Thought for the Week. I don't recall exactly when I started this ritual, but it was probably about 25 years ago. My goal from the beginning was to share some positive insights regarding our company, our amazing people, our clients, our community and our world. It was always my hope that I could inspire you to think about who you are, and where life will take you. There were many themes along the way, service to others, excellence, goal setting, life planning, humility, integrity, faith, lifelong learning, books and family. I hope at least one touched your heart. 

I will miss being a part of the Williams Company. This is a special place. For 33 years, this has been my home. I have given this company my brain, my heart and my soul. I love this place, and looking back, I have no regrets, only positive memories. 

I am retiring now knowing that our company will only get better in the coming years. We have an incredibly talented leadership team and an outstanding group of people, all consummate professionals. We are as strong financially as we have ever been, and our reputation in the community and amongst our clients has never been better. The company will change and evolve, but I believe our core values will keep us strong and resilient. 

As I leave I have a few words of encouragement ... laugh often and deeply, always try and do the right thing, as character matters, tell your family and your friends you love them often (and mean it), plan and organize your future because your best days are ahead of you, cultivate your relationships as if they are your most valuable asset, immerse yourself in good books, take a nap when you can, pray. 

My cup runneth over! Farewell! 

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