Monday, November 30, 2020

 My wife Chris and I attended our Habitat for Humanity kick off early this morning under a brilliant orange sky and beautiful rainbow! In a year that has been anything but normal, I thought it was fitting that we are ending the year on such a high note! 

"This house we are building is just people helping other people, because I believe most people are inherently good and just want to help others." These were the words from our Matt Olberding as he spoke to the people who had gathered for the kick-off celebration. In a world that is currently so polarized and divided, isn't this what life is all about ... just people helping other people? 

As I was speaking with Catherine, the CEO of the local Habitat chapter, she was telling me about the family of 5 that will be receiving their new home two weeks from now. She said that the mother and father and 3 young children were living in a one-bedroom apartment that was just atrocious. She said they were paying 

$1,100 a month for this awful place. She also told me their new mortgage payment for the house we are building will only be $600 a month. What a blessing! 

I can't imagine the emotions of the family as they will enter their new home just before Christmas. I'm emotional just thinking about it. What an incredible gift all of you are providing for this family! 

As I drove away it was very humbling to see 30 or more Williams Company employee owners framing this new house. Everyone was in such good spirits, and all happy to be helping on this wonderful gift. 

Our company has a giant heart, and our community is a better place for it, because of you! 

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