Monday, November 30, 2020

 My wife Chris and I attended our Habitat for Humanity kick off early this morning under a brilliant orange sky and beautiful rainbow! In a year that has been anything but normal, I thought it was fitting that we are ending the year on such a high note! 

"This house we are building is just people helping other people, because I believe most people are inherently good and just want to help others." These were the words from our Matt Olberding as he spoke to the people who had gathered for the kick-off celebration. In a world that is currently so polarized and divided, isn't this what life is all about ... just people helping other people? 

As I was speaking with Catherine, the CEO of the local Habitat chapter, she was telling me about the family of 5 that will be receiving their new home two weeks from now. She said that the mother and father and 3 young children were living in a one-bedroom apartment that was just atrocious. She said they were paying 

$1,100 a month for this awful place. She also told me their new mortgage payment for the house we are building will only be $600 a month. What a blessing! 

I can't imagine the emotions of the family as they will enter their new home just before Christmas. I'm emotional just thinking about it. What an incredible gift all of you are providing for this family! 

As I drove away it was very humbling to see 30 or more Williams Company employee owners framing this new house. Everyone was in such good spirits, and all happy to be helping on this wonderful gift. 

Our company has a giant heart, and our community is a better place for it, because of you! 

Monday, November 23, 2020

 Things I am thankful for in no particular order:


My Health

My Friends

Being an Employee Owner

Potato Chips

Being a Florida Gator

My Faith

Free Speech

Healthcare Workers

Cops and Firefighters

Good Books

My Peer Group

Air Conditioning

Whoever invented Red Wine

My wife's sense of humor

The soldiers in the US Military

All the incredible people at the Williams Company!

I have a lot to be thankful for I Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2020

 "We the People" 

These are the first 3 words of our country's most precious document, the United States Constitution. Why did the founders of our country start with these 3 words? I believe our founders knew that any great nation needed to be governed by folks representing all of us. It is certainly true that in the early years of our nation this was not the case. Over time, our country has healed many of those wounds and learned that "We" means everyone. Men, women, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Italian, Irish, Muslim, Christian, Jewish ... are all part of our governing bodies. The system is not perfect, but it is better than any other country in the world. 

So, what does "We the People" have to do with our company? I believe it has to do with one of our core values, "We not I." None of us can make our company successful by themselves. We all bring different talents and passions to what we do. Together though, as a team, we can accomplish anything we set our hearts and souls too! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Alan Williams had this quote on his desk for as long as I can remember. The quote is from Thomas J Watson, the CEO of IBM from 1914 to 1956. The quote was later trademarked by IBM. The quote is very profound and should be used every day of our lives.

The quote is:


Monday, November 2, 2020

Think big! Have a plan! Take some risk!

Live fully every day!

I can remember when I first came to Williams Company 33 years ago that we were doing about $15M in annual revenues. Thinking big was getting to $25M in revenue, and so we did that, and then the big goal was $5OM, and we did that, and then it was $100M, and we did that, and then it was $200M, and we did that! 

Do you see where I'm going with this? In the river of life, unless we are fighting hard against the current every year to grow, then we are going backwards. And even though our boat will sometimes have waves crashing over our bow because of economic realities, our focus on growth and progress are what will keep us fresh and vibrant over the long term! 

Seeking growth means we will be bringing in new talent and new technologies. It means new clients and new subcontractors. It means we will venture into new regions and new market types. It means new leaders will emerge to guide us into the future! It means change, big changes, will occur in the future! 

If there is one constant in the world, it's change. Brace yourselves for a fantastic ride here at Williams Company! 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Proper balance in life can be very important to maintaining a stable life. We all are blessed with 168 hours each week, and so how you spend these hours is important. I'm an 8 hour a night sleeper, so that leaves me 112 waking hours. If we work and commute another 5O hours, that leaves us 62 hours a week to pursue a balanced life. I have listed below some basic categories: 

  • Fitness and physical activity
  • Family
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Civic
  • Spiritual
  • Purpose
  • Hobbies
This is a basic list, but you get the picture. Are you aware that the average American spends 35 hours of screen time (TV, computer, social media) outside of work each week? We all could spend a bit more time on planning our finances for retirement, starting a new hobby, reading a good book, walking for exercise or practicing our faith. 

Balance in life takes some planning. All of us get out of balance at times. Take a minute and put how many hours each week you spend in each category. How's your balance? It has been my experience that the more balance your life has, the happier and healthier your life will be!